Why do you need a website?


As the person I am, I am fully able to provide design services – most focus on webdesign, but also logodesign and other kinds of graphic design is possible for me to handle.
Payment will be determined before I start my work, so you as a customer are fully aware of the expenses at all times.

Why do you need a website?

If you’re running a company, small or large, a website shows it to all the world. Maybe you can include the address to the website in advertisement and such, to make your customers visit it. A professional looking website will always appeal to the people visiting it, and maybe they will consider using your company, instead of another company providing about the same services. Your website will be the face of your company to the masses! Why would you choose me?

Here are some reasons to choose me as your webdesigner:

I design pages a lot cheaper than many design companies – and still most of these companies will not give you a page working in all browsers/mediums.I will not take payment unless the customer is happy with the result.You as a customer are able to interact with me in the design-process, and tell me how you want it. I do follow the very latest webstandards, writing valid XHTML and CSS2 -making your website available to everyone, regardless of what kind of medium they use to see it. Following the newest webstandards also means your website will be available in future web-browsers.Typography – the way the content is presented – will be focused, to make sure every little detail will be read.Page will be tested in the most used browsers (IE5,IE6, Opera, Mozilla) before my work is done, to ensure browser-compatibility.If you already have an existing company profile, or you prefer certain design-styles, I will do my best to keep up with this.I am able to put together everything from minimalistic, simple, clean websites, to more advanced design/layouts with lots of graphics. It all depends on you as a customer.

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I am a web designer, and will not take any assignments including serverside scripting. This includes forums, webshop systems, content management systems etc. This, however, has some exeptions: Mail forms, and I
can – if necessary – modify an existing free posting system – to make you able to update a section of your page your own. Neither do I take assignments including Macromedia Flash, nor can I handle web hosting services.

If this looks intresting, why dont you contact me? Feel free to take a look in the portfolio to get a
hang of my design style, and the look I can give your pages.

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