What You Should Know About Web Hosting


Web hosting should be part of your plan if you want to launch a website for your company. Without a web host, you will not be able to operate your website online. To help you with your planning, here are the things that you should understand about web hosting.

• What it is. Hosting your website means putting your website information on a server, or host. This way, your end user, will be able to see the content of your website whenever they request for it. You can choose to host your website on your own computer, but this is not a good idea. You may want to find a server that can provide you the required storage space and bandwidth so you can run your website with efficacy and efficiency.

• Domain Hosting. You may want to find a web host that supports domain hosting. With a web host that supports domain hosting, you are able to use your own URL, and not become an extension of your host’s URL. This is a convenient feature that you might want to look into when searching for a web host. This means that you can change ISP provider whenever you want, and will not have trouble doing so. You will still have your domain name with you, and your customers will not be confused.

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• Virtual Hosting. This is also known as Virtual Private Server. You are sharing a server with a couple of other clients, but you will also have some functionality of a dedicated server. You will have your own storage space and your own bandwidth, in addition to having your own IP address. If you encounter a web host that offers Virtual Hosting, make sure that the aforementioned features are present.

• Bandwidth. This term has been mentioned earlier in the article, and you should be familiar with what it is. The bandwidth provided to you by the host determines the transfer rate of data requested. The bandwidth provided to you by the web host also determines the amount of data downloaded from your site each month. This indicates the number of pictures, web pages, or videos your customers are allowed to download from your site. In addition, the bandwidth also determines the fastness of the communication between your host and the internet. If you want to provide your customers good service, you better opt for a plan that will provide you a high bandwidth.

These are the terms that you should be familiar with when planning to look for a web host. While out and about, it is important that you take into account their control panel, bandwidth, storage, price, scripting, operating system, database, backup, and customer support. Make sure that you understand each term before looking for a web host. Make sure that you compare and contrast the companies on your shortlist. In addition to checking those factors, you should also give time to check their FAQ section. When in doubt, you can always contact a representative of the company to clarify things. Make use of all resources available to you, because they are made to make things easy for you.

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